Functional Medicine Program

About the program 

This program looks for any stealth-related problem for those who do not feel healthy. To address those people whose doctor says “nothing is wrong with you” but they still feel poor, these tests will lead you back to better health.

Functional Medicine Tests

 Adrenal Stress Index

 Adrenal Function

 Gastrointestinal Panel

 Stool and Saliva Testing

 Genova Labs


 Intestinal Permeability

 Leaky Gut Test

 Bacterial Overgrowth of Small Intestine

 SIBO Infection


 Telomere Testing (blood)

 Nutra-eval: Blood Test and Fasting Urine  

 Comprehensive Nutrition


 Gene testing; Blood or Saliva

 Urine Elements, Comprehensive

 Urine Heavy Metals

 24-hour complete hormone

 Female, Male & Adrenal Hormones

 Spectracell Vitamin

 Blood Sample


 Blood Sample


Benefits of the program

When you leave, you will have a Patient Journal binder. Your personal binder will include:

  • Definitions
  • References
  • A copy of your lab results
  • A list of your medications, supplements, and nutriceuticals
  • Fitness recommendations
  • Nutritional consult & body fat analysis (if you chose this evaluation)
  • Personal contact phone numbers and email addresses for your Brentwood Concierge Medicine provider(s).

Estimated total 12-month cost is $4,000. If combined with the Hormonal and Regenerative Concierge Program, the cost to add the Functional Medicine Concierge program is $1,800.

What we offer


Be Aware: Public Health Advisory

Los Angeles officials have issued a public health advisory after two dead birds found in Santa Monica tested positive for West Nile Virus. The advisory has been issued to all residents of the city, including residents who live in NMS-owned properties such as LuXe@1539, Olympic Studios, LuXe@Broadway and elsewhere.

WNV is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito, according to the advisory. Mosquitos become infected when they feed on birds that have the disease and sometimes subsequently bite humans or animals.

The advisory lists a series of precautions that residents can take to protect themselves from WNV:

– Use insect repellant to keep off mosquitos, especially in the early morning and evening, when mosquitos carrying WNV are most apt to bite.
– Make sure the doors and windows in your apartment have tight-fitting screens, to prevent mosquitos from entering your home.
– Get rid of any sources of standing water, in which mosquitos can lay eggs.

WNV symptoms include headaches, high fever, tiredness, body aches, skin rash and swollen lymph glands.

For more information about the WNV advisory issued in Santa Monica, go here.



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