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For couples looking to improve their fertility and start a family, Brentwood Concierge Medicine can help. Dr. Raisen offers unique, comprehensive testing in order to determine the root cause of the issue. Couples from throughout the Los Angeles, CA area can undergo the practice’s fertility optimization program.

Fertility Optimizing Q&A

by Shera Raisen, MD

What can the Brentwood Concierge Medicine do to improve my fertility?

Illness, including fertility, is never merely a singular dysfunction. It is a cluster of issues which arise because of the patient’s environment, diet, lifestyle, habits, genetics, early influences, travel, relationships, beliefs, and how those forces respond to one another and can cause disease. Determining the root-cause of infertility as related to these varying aspects of a man and woman’s life is the crucial task of the healing process. The office works one on one with each patient to determine how the illness and biology of both partners involved in conception. During this process the doctor will identify where to begin first, which “layer” to shave off, and which alterations need-to-be made.

How does the office begin?

The process will start by the doctor and patient consistently working together to identify the cause (or causes) of infertility. There are a few underlying causes for all illness: toxins, genetics, infections, stress both physical or mental, improper diet, hormonal imbalance or deficiency, autoimmune disorders, and genetic predispositions. The second task is to identify what changes need to be modified for optimal biologic functioning. Performing a more in-depth evaluation may also be done to identify issues. Evaluations include:

  • Lifestyle including activity level, diet, relationships, meaning and purpose, sleep and spirituality.
  • Nutritional tests
  • Hormone balance tests
  • Gene testing in both partners
  • Checking for heavy metals such as mercury
  • Environmental factor assessment like water, air, and light
  • Identifying any hidden or latent infections or constitutional impediments

What is a latent infection? 

If the doctor finds that patients are not responding adequately to a treatment of the primary systems, testing for hidden or latent infections may be needed. Those who are not presenting any symptoms often uncover unknown triggers including viruses, atypical bacteria, and even issues caused by dental infections. For example, a parasite living in the gastrointestinal tract can cause damage without causing the person to display any outward symptoms. Those who have been exposed to certain viruses can experience complications later on life as well, such as Epstein Barr. All of these things can make fertility more difficult. 

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